01 November 2020

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Cupping uses canning as a tool to generate negative pressure by burning fire, pumping air, etc., so that it can be adsorbed on the body surface, causing local blood stasis, so as to relieve meridians, activate Qi and activate blood, reduce swelling and pain, expel wind and cold, etc. Effect therapy. Cupping therapy has a long history in China.

Cupping therapy was also popular in ancient Greece and Rome abroad.

Cupping therapy for neck and shoulder syndrome,

The patient is in the prone position. The therapist applies an appropriate amount of Trapezium to the skin at the upper and outer edges of the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles of the neck and shoulders, which are sore, numb and painful. Push the cupping pot back and forth at the diseased part, and it is better to have purple-red or purple-black sha spots on the local skin. If necessary, after can, use a triangular needle to puncture the Sha point locally, choose a moderate-caliber cupping cup and cup the above part with the flash fire method, leave the can for about 10 minutes, bleeding about 2ml to 3ml at each place, once every other day, 5. Each time is 1 course of treatment.

Cupping is suitable for people who suffer from lumbar muscle strain, work in a humid environment all year round and people have cold symptoms.