13 January 2018

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Bridal package

Bridal package

Wedding Beauty

Beauty & Health inn start with a complimentary one hour consultation to discuss your needs (include skin analysis system and body weight analysis system .) If you wish you can even give us the telephone numbers of the bridal party and we will make all their bookings and confirmations and give you a wedding schedule of all your appointments.

Bride to be Package

$1999 for 12 times (1 hour each time , 12 hour in total)

This pack is designed to cover all your pre-wedding preparation and everything you need for the big day. This includes getting your weight loss, body sculpting, luxury facial, amazing eyelashes & perfectly manicured brows, waxing and wedding nail .



  • Skin and body Consultation (x2 normally $49)
  • Facials (x4 normally $556)
  • LED Photon(x4 normally $116)
  • Weight loss (x3 normally $800)
  • Body sculpting (x2 normally $258)
  • All Big Day Waxing (x1 normally $100 plus)
  • Eyelash Extensions & perfectly manicured brows normally(x1 normally $200)
  • Wedding nails (x1 normally $150 plus)