01 November 2020

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Teeth Whiting

Teeth Whiting

Through a combination of gel and UV light, whitening treatments brighten teeth several shades without damaging enamel

The cold light whitening is not the real light without temperature in the treatment.

Before whitening, the patient should apply a gum protectant on the gums to protect the gums. After cold-light whitening, it is recommended to avoid hot and cold drinks within 24 hours after treatment. Within 24 hours after cold-light whitening, the teeth are easily stained with coloured substances. You must avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine, fruit juice drinks, coloured toothpaste, and gargle Saliva, etc. and eating dark foods, while avoiding smoking; in order to prevent teeth from absorbing more pigments after cold light whitening, within a week, it is best not to eat easily stained foods, such as spicy hot pot, chewing betel nut, etc.; after cold light whitening, Regular inspection and washing of teeth can maintain teeth whitening.