13 January 2018

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Home facial



How does the ultrasonic facial work?

The aqua handheld tool is a simple device that sends microcurrents through the skin to create an oscillation in these skin cells and underlying structural fibres. As these skin cells are treated, the aqua removes dead skin cells from the surface and treats the skin deep to the topmost layer with infusions of healing and nutrient supplied serums. The handheld aqua tool has four settings that we use which are exfoliation, serum, cream and clear settings; we apply these stages of treatment at high or low, but mostly use the high setting that will still provide gentle skin care applications.


The benefits to the skin

.Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

.Smooths rough skin

.Improves texture and tone

.Firms and plumps the skin

.Smaller pores

.Deeply cleanses the skin

.Reduces skin congestion

.Clean extractions

.Gentle exfoliation



Ultrasonic Facial (purchase 5 treatments got 1 treatment for free and plus one time free skin consultation)


$139 Ultrasonic Facial (70 mins)