01 November 2020

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Signature Facial

Signature Facial

We have prepared tailor-made facial treatments for you, using limited time to maximise the plot to protect your skin.

Use dermalogica products to meet the needs of different age groups to achieve. Express facial Use three-part cleansing, water and oxygen protection/dermabrasion, vitality mask, and three-step moisturizing finish. Ordinary skin care is based on express, adding lymphatic drainage, scraping, shoulder and neck massage, and eye relief massage.

Anti-Ageing facial uses dermalogica Anti-ageing star product, combined with massage techniques and machines to achieve deeper protection and repair. At the same time, adding suitable aroma essential oils will add more vitality to you who need to fight with the years.

Luxury skin care facial uses more machines, including Aqua Peel tech, LED, etc., combined with anti-aging booster and other essences to deeply relieve stress for different area. At the same time, the shoulder and neck aroma therapy is added to open the lymphatic drainage, allowing customers to feel the care of being loved in the fragrance.