01 November 2020

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Redness Remove/Acne Scarring

Redness Remove/Acne Scarring

Developed by intense Pulse Light and combined with negative pressure f vacuum.  This revolutionary tech platform overcomes the safety and procedural limitation of intense plus light and conventional lasers. Simultaneous takes advantages of the power of radio frequency and optical energy effectively.

  • Innovation OPT tech, ensures the stable energy output for every pulse, which brings the safe and pain-free experience for customers.
  • Unique Vacuum assisted technology, brings more effective clinical result. When skin is sucked into the socket, then the density of melanin and hemoglobins are reduced, which greatly reduce the competitive absorption of hemoglobins. Thus more energy targets on melanin directly, so the treatment result is doubled than before. At the same time, the vacuum will temporary compress the nevus ending. So reduce the sensitivity, thus realize the real pain free treatment during treatment.
  • Friendly interface, easy for operator.
  • It is not recommended for patients with scars.
  • It is not recommended for patients with allergic skin and patients who are too young.
  • Customers are advised to choose freckle removal or red blood streak removal in winter, and they need to avoid sunlight for one month after the operation.